dish on white ceramic plate
dish on white ceramic plate

Le Nid d'Aigle

Situated at the top of Èze, Le Nid D'Aigle offers a culinary experience with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. Enjoy our homemade dishes in a breathtaking setting.

Explore Our Specialities! Discover our diverse menu, combining tradition and innovation. Each dish is a work of art, carefully prepared to delight your taste buds.

An exceptional setting! Come and enjoy a unique experience, combining elegant decor and breathtaking views. Our restaurant is the ideal setting for memorable meals, special celebrations or romantic evenings.

Closed from 24th January to 3rd February 2024

The Village

The streets of the village of Èze evoke a bygone era, with their time-worn cobblestones and stone facades telling stories of centuries gone by. This medieval labyrinth of narrow passages and winding staircases invites you to wander, revealing craft shops, flower-filled terraces and breathtaking views of the azure sea at every turn. It's a living canvas that charms visitors with its authenticity and timeless atmosphere.

The Restaurant

Immerse yourself in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of our dining room, where tradition meets comfort. Solid wood tables, carefully laid and surrounded by handcrafted chairs, invite you to take your place for a memorable feast. Exposed stone walls, lit by soft light, create an intimate setting, while windows draped in red velvet reveal picturesque glimpses of the village of Eze. It is a true promise of an authentic and comforting culinary experience.

The Terrace

Imagine yourself on our picturesque terrace, where the charm of old stone and the whisper of leaves in the Mediterranean breeze create a peaceful retreat. Surrounded by greenery and colourful flowers, with blue shutters that open onto the authenticity of Eze, our terrace is a haven of serenity. Here, every meal becomes a privileged moment, under the benevolent gaze of our sign, Le Nid d'Aigle, promising a culinary experience as memorable as the setting is enchanting.

The Panorama

Perched high above the marvellous Côte d'Azur, the panorama from the village of Eze is a sight to behold. The infinite blue horizon of the Mediterranean stretches out beneath the clear sky, framed by the elegant silhouette of an ancient stone bell. The air is infused with the tranquillity of the heights and the gentle chimes that seem to sing in harmony with the murmur of the waves. It's a tableau vivant that invites contemplation and enriches the experience of every lucky visitor to this picturesque hilltop village.